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Recieving Money

 Recieving Money

Make sure you know the money is ready before you try to pick it up. You can do this by contacting the sender, or you can check the status of your money transfer online.

STEP 1: The Money Transfer Number

         To pick up a money transfer, you need to make sure you have accceptable documentary evidence of identity and know where to find a Iftin Express Ltd Agent location. The sender may also give you the Tracking Number, which you can give to the Agent when picking up the funds.

STEP 2: Visit an Agent location

         Proceed to your nearby Iftin Express Ltd Agent location to pick up your money.

STEP 3: Identify Yourself and Complete Form at the Iftin Express Ltd Agent location

         You will be asked to present acceptable documentary evidence of identity and complete a "To Receive Money" form. If you have the Tracking number from the sender, give it to the Agent as well.

STEP 4: Receive the Money and Receipt

         Once your identification has been checked, the money is yours. Itís that easy. Additional restrictions may apply.