About us

Iftin Express Ltd is a Registered Payment Institution based in the United Kingdom, under the FCA Registration No: 524141. We are also registered under the HMRC registration No: MLR 12242453. Since its formation in June 2006 the company has been providing excellent and lifeline payment services from its locations and representative offices throughout United Kingdom to thousands of clients.

In less than six years of operation Iftin Express Ltd is regarded as one of the best in the market thanks, to its skilled personnel and well positioned service locations.

Iftin Express Ltd is aware of the existence of other entities with the name IFTIN or Iftin Express however the company declares that it does not have any management or ownership connection with any other IFTIN or Iftin Express branded entity elsewhere in the world.

Utter responsiveness to our customers needs, strong work ethic and maximum compliance procedures translate in to impressive growth rate, huge reputation among the East African Migrants and increasing market share for Iftin Express into high level of service & satisfaction for our customers.

Iftin Express means honesty, fast, reliable, trust & secure, all the critical elements of the success of this company. We offer you most secure, fast, reliable and competitive service in the industry. Join our fast growing customers and choose the service that fits your personal needs in the best possible way.

Thank you
Haybe Hersi