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Sending Money

Sending Money


STEP 1: Visit an Agent location

                                 Visit a nearby Iftin Express Ltd Agent location.

STEP 2: Complete Form 

Complete the To Send Money form, including:

         You and your receivers first and last name (as shown on identification).

         The city and country to which the money is being sent.

         The sterling amount you wish to send.

         Any additional services requested (subject to availability).

STEP 3: Pick Up the Money

         Your receiver may pick up the funds at any Iftin Express Agent location in the city and country you selected.

         You will receive a txt msg when the receiver collects the money.

STEP 4: Present Payment

         Give the Agent clerk the money you want to send plus the transaction fee.

STEP 5: Collect the Receipt from the Agent Clerk

         Your receipt will have a Tracking Number that will allow you to track the status of your order.

         Share the Tracking Number with the receiver.

         The receiver may use this number to collect the funds;  however, it is not mandatory for the receiver to collect funds.

STEP 6: Check Order Status

         Check the status of your money transfer, online or call Iftin Express Ltd.